Rebranding Mc Jobs

Topics: Brand, Employment, McDonald's Pages: 8 (2421 words) Published: July 16, 2012
A brand name is an important aspect of an organization’s very existence as it is a determiningfactor in the manner in which clients, prospective clients, share holders, employees and variousactors who are part of its corporate environment respond to the organization. Large Multi- National Corporations invest heavily on their brand and corporate name each year. Innovativeadvertisement campaigns featuring some of the world’s most famous entertainment personalitiesand good-will initiatives are all tools used to produce and develop impressive brand names. It isagainst this background that this discussion aims to address the rebranding of an organization’sname, which in this particular case is that of McDonald’s. It will commence by defining keyconcepts then an overview of the case study and proceed to give a detailed analysis of the entirematter.

Employer branding, according to Armstrong (2004), can be defined as the creation of a brandimage of the organization for prospective employees. It is the concept of applying to therecruitment process the same marketing coherence used in the management of customers. It isgreatly influenced by the reputation of the organization as a service provider and as an employer.According to the Association of Business Executives (2004: 184), Human Resource Planning isthe technique that facilitates the acquisitions, utilization, development and retention of acompany’s human resource. These resources are considered by some to be the organizationsmost valuable asset.Recruitment on the other hand can be taken to imply a process of attracting, screening, andselecting people for a job. It is the process by which job applicants are induced to apply to anorganization so that if selected, they can work for it.

McDonald's is a leading global foodservice retailer with 33,000 restaurants, serving more than 64million people in 119 countries each day. It has over 1.7 million employees. The organization is in desperate need of more individuals to fill jobs in its vast and ever expanding empire. But thishas been frustrated by an increasingly health-conscious society and the decline in public imageof the fast food sector, particularly the perception that people have concerning employment in afast food restaurant. This perception is what birthed the slang term “McJob” which is attached toMcDonald’s and is considered to be a legitimate concept meaning a low-paying, low-prestige,dead-end, mindless service job in which the employee’s work is highly regulated.McDonald has tried to shape up its employment image in recent years by improving wages andadding some employee benefits so that it can disassociate itself with the negative brand name“McJobs”. In doing so, several campaigns had been brought up such as; “Am Loving it” whichattempts to project a positive image of the restaurant and the “My First” Campaign which aims at projecting to prospective applicants that starting out at McDonald’s is a great way to start your career and develop valuable life skills. They also distributed media kits in several countries withfactoids that debunked the McJob myth. Despite the above, McDonald’s campaigns were notvery successful in attracting enough new employees. Therefore, it had been an innovator inrecruiting retirees and people with disabilities. In addition, the most recent innovation atMcDonalds’ UK, called the ‘family contract’, allowed wives, husbands, grandparents, andchildren over the age of sixteen to swap shifts without notifying management. The familycontract was potentially a recruiting tool because family members could share the same job andtake responsibility for scheduling which family member takes each shift.However, in spite of these campaigns and human resource changes, McDonald’s executivesacknowledge that the jobs they offer were not a lifestyle job as most of the workers engagedwere students.

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