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Topics: IP address, Internet Protocol, Internet, IPv6, IPv4, Domain Name System / Pages: 2 (412 words) / Published: Aug 25th, 2014
The American Registry for Internet Numbers is a non-profit organizssation. Their involvement with Internet Protocol addressing is very crucial sfor they are responsible for managing Internet number resources IPv4 and IPv6 addssdresses and Autonomous System Numbers for Canada, many Caribbean and North America. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers sAuthority) was first to have the responsissbility of registry for Internet nuwdmbers but now is responsible for allocation and the reserving a block of IP Addresses and most importantly DNS zone root, listing and knowing all server domains. Lastly, the APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) is responsible for registry and IP addressing in the Asian Pacific area it also allocates specifics for endd-user organizations. Currently today there are 4,294,967,296 IP Addresses. Of those addresses there are 3,706,452,992 that belong to the public asnd 588,514,304 which are set to be private. With IP version 6 the amount of IP addresses that can be made is 340 undecillion in other words it almost if not exactly and infinite amount of IPs Addresses. With the big rise in growth of the internet and also growth in human population period we will practically exhaust all of the IPV4 addresses in about 30 years. The reason for the previous statement is because the internet hsas become such a necessity not only business but residential consumerss as well. Even though we are certain that IP version 4 will be completely exhausted because of the exponential growth in human population and the incredible growth of the Internet, We haven’t completely implemented IPV6 as of yet because IP version 4 is still widely accepted and used. All of the internet providers have not yet implemented IP version 6. With that being said, when the transfer to IP version 6 does occur, it is a fear that some internet companies or business will actually hoard their IP addresses and possibly not release them back to ARIN, this will cause a conflict with

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