Rebellions during Edward VI's Reign: Political in Origin

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The rebellions which occurred during the reign of Edward VI were mainly political in origin
The rebellions which occurred during the reign of Edward VI were mainly religious and not political in origin. The political reasons for the rebellions are that there were absent landlords, mainly because they were in the council, which meant the peasants had no-one to stop them and the incompetent advisors, Peter Carew, sent down to deal with the issue. The religious reasons were that the reforms of Somerset had not gone far enough and the majority of the clergy were uneducated and the common prayer book was produced. The economic reasons for the rebellions were that illegal enclosures were being torn down by government commissions, but the peasants wanted to take matters into their own hands and the sheep tax was hitting the poor harder than it should’ve done.
The political reason for the western rebellion occurring was that the Duke of Somerset wanted to negotiate with the rebels, try to get them to stop by offering items in return. After a number of failed negotiations Somerset decided to send a trusted advisor of his, Peter Carew. Carew travelled down to the rebels and started negotiations, however, by him going down it made it the situation twice as bad. Carew managed to set fire to one of the peasant’s barn and as word spread the number of burns he burnt down turned into two, then four, then a hundred and eventually word got around that Somerset sent an advisor whose main purpose was to burn thousands of poor peasants’ barns. ‘The noise of this fire and burning was spread through the villages and the common people noised and spread it abroad that the gentlemen were altogether bent to overrun, spoil and destroy them’ related Hooker. The political reason for Kett’s rebellion was the absentee landlords. Landlords are supposed to stop peasant uprisings if there are any, making them a bit like a local government, however, the landlord is part of the council and is down

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