Rebellion in Society

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Problems, they are something that we as a society are faced with everyday. Someone once said that "Everybody has problems, and money is the answer." For some problems, yes money can be the answer, but for more personal issues, where do you turn, that is, when even money cannot buy your happiness. Major problems include drug use, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, but being a teenager, it is known that juvenile delinquency and rebellion is on quite a high in recent times.

When one asks: Why is juvenile rebellion as it is? I can only think of one answer, and that is lack of communication. The cause is as stated and cannot be put in another way. Communication brings people together in ways that other things cannot, but lack thereof can also result in a major downfall. People always want to know why teens act as they do now, but are never willing to help the cause. In today's society, adults are very busy. Parents are busy to the point where they do not have time to spend with their children. While they are young you may not notice any consequence, but as they grow so will the distance between you two, and there begins our problem.

It is understood that in past times men were the "bread-winners" and females were the stay at home moms. Although some women felt as if this was not fair, there was some positive results. Positive findings being that mothers had more time to spend with their children, this being true families had a tighter bond, because they were around each other and were allowed to communicate in a closer proximity. This one small detail (communication) may not seem like much, but it is one that makes all the difference.

If one would like to compare past times to more recent ones, be my guest. You will see that in most cases those who have the "delinquents" in their homes are those that have children who feel they are unalike or an outsider in their home. Some parents due to...

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