Rebel Without a Cause

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Education, Criminology Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Chantelle Brooks
Rebel Essay
Block: 3

The film “Rebel without a Cause” by Nicholas Ray should be taught to students because students will learn about how they can’t run away from their problems, and how teenage rebellion will affect them later on and the others around them. Students would also learn about the littleness of humankind, and how life is cruel and difficult. Students should be aware that they can’t run away from their problems. They have to face them; if you want a problem solved the best way to do so is to confront the problem. Not run away from it. A good example from the film would be when Judy and Jim ran away together to the abandoned mansion. To get away from authority, thinking that nobody would find them, or that nothing would happen and that they wouldn’t have to suffer any consequences. Plato eventually came along, trying to run away from his problems too. The characters in this movie are so different compared to teenagers today. I wouldn’t say many of us run away from our problems, if we want something fixed than obviously the only solution is to face the problem. Not give up, or run away. Students should learn about the film Rebel without a Cause because they’ll learn about rebelling and suffering the consequences. Such as Plato running into the Planetarium and hiding inside from the cops, and Judy and Jim going in after him. All of them not coming out of the planetarium when the officers said to is what could have led them to trouble, resisting authority. Jim’s parents were shocked to see their son run inside. Plato especially was in trouble, he was armed. The cops knew he had shot somebody prior, and that he attempted to shoot an officer. Students need to understand that there is a cause and there is an effect. I believe that Rebel without a Cause is a great example of teenage rebellion, and I don’t think students would become juvenile delinquents just from watching it. They will learn about the...
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