Rebecca Essay

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Rebecca Essay

Throughout the novel Rebecca by Daphne De Mourier, the narrator transforms from a young woman that has been walked on and is weak to others, to a strong willed, elegant mars. De Winter. She transforms through knowledge of the past, conflict with others, and realizing she is more important than she had previously thought.

In the introduction of Rebecca, the narrator meets a character that helps her develop named Mr. De Winter. His past of murdering his last wife, Rebecca, helps her realize that she needs to become strong, and help protect her new husband from the authorities. She helps in anyway she can to mislead the police, and keep her husband with her. By doing this she is putting herself in danger, showing maturity and love.

Rebecca has a character in it that doesn't appreciate the narrator too much. Mrs. Danvers, a servant, tries to harm the narrator in anyway she can. The main way was getting her in trouble with Mr. De Winter. She recommends the narrator wear a dress that Rebecca once wore. This horrifies Mr. De Winter, and makes the narrator think she will be sent away because of this. Mrs. Danvers probably agreed and liked the idea of her leaving. Because of Mrs. Danvers, the main character realizes that she needs to take charge of this and make Mrs. Danvers a servant, not a commander of her thoughts.

The main character realizes that with all this responsibility with her husband, keeping him safe, and Mrs. Danvers, that she is more important than anyone else. This keeps her strong will going, and eventually digs Mr. De Winter out of the hole he had dug when he killed his previous wife.

All in all, the narrator becomes a better person as a whole at the end of the book. She becomes strong willed, loving, and mature. She survives all her problems because she picked herself up at decided to be strong.
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