Reasons Why Undocumented Residents Deserve a Path to Citizenship

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November 2013

Reasons Why Undocumented Residents Deserve a Path to Citizenship

For over a period of time now the topic on whether undocumented residents should

be given the path to permanent residence have gone wild. There are about 11 million

undocumented residents in the country as we speak and I do believe giving path to

citizenship for these people, will be a way to strengthen the country’s economy. Many of

these undocumented residents came to America without their knowledge and have been

to school to acquire the knowledge, skills, and the technology. Should we however deport

these people who now believe in America as their country and not utilize their skills and

knowledge they have acquired on the American soil? My claim is deporting them will not

help the country and it will also make the country loose people with skills and knowledge to

their competing countries such as Germany, Russia, China, and other countries that compete

with the United States in terms off science and technology. Although some might argue by

saying giving path to undocumented residents will corrupt the country, but I believe it will

help bring more businesses, strengthen the country’s economy with the good work ethics and

family values and also create a stronger country.

Giving path for undocumented residents to become citizens will help bring more

businesses to the country. This is because most of these undocumented residents have

been to school and have acquired skills and knowledge, which can be used to generate

businesses, but because they are undocumented they hide in shadows and are not able

utilize their skills or even help improve other businesses which will help this country. A

student by name Eric Gonzalez graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a

Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He is still unemployed because he is undocumented



and even afraid to be reported to the authorities and I think it makes no sense to encourage

the world’s brightest minds to study at our universities without providing the effort for

these people to stay in America (Fox News). Many businesses so far in the country are

being managed and directed by immigrants who came into the country and studied in our

educational institutions and are now utilizing their skills in businesses that help, create jobs

for the American people. Although many people also say undocumented residents are not

efficient in terms of our businesses, they should however have it in mind that we rather

benefit a lot from these undocumented residents: “Businesses benefit because they can

employ cheap labor, middle-class households benefit because they can afford more help

with child care and cleaning. Farmers benefits because their crops can be picked in a timely

way” (Schuch par. 11). Undocumented residents have helped to improve businesses in the

country and most of these migrants are wiling to work because they purposely migrated

due to economic factors in their countries of origin. A critical example is the undocumented

Mexicans who help busy people in maintaining their gardens and cleaning of their homes.

The co-founder of Instagram for example, Michel Krieger migrated from Brazil and has

helped come up with such a great business in social network.

Strengthening the country’s economy with the good work ethics and great

family values from undocumented residents is another reason why I believe undocumented

residents should be given the path to citizenship. The United States of America is one of

the countries that have a solid economy and I do believe undocumented residents do have

great contributions towards the economy. Although many politicians and people may argue

by saying undocumented residents have corrupted the country, I believe they have rather

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