Reasons Why Students Fail

Topics: Education, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Learning achievement is the result obtained by the students after going through some process of learning at school and it is the desire of each parent to child. Good performance would be gained by good learning and bad performance will be obtained with the process of bad learning. Learning is a process of something that has not been able to be able, from old behaviors to new behaviors, from old understandings to new understandings. In the process of learning, it should come first is how the child can adapt to the environment and existing stimuli, so that there is a reaction that comes from children. So that children can learn optimally. There are so many factors that could impact the outcome of study or learning achievement. Parents also to know what are the factors that can affect the learning process on their children, so parents can identify the cause and supporting children in achievement. In this essay, I will discuss a little about the causes and effects of the failure of students in learning. Learning environment in schools is a situation that affects the activity of individual learning. Environmental conditions that conducive both home and school environment will create peace and comfort of the students in learning, so students would be easier to master the learning materials to the fullest. Slameto, (2003: 72) states that a good environment needs to be put to provide a positive influence on children or students so that they can learn the best way possible. The situation is less harmonious family, parents lack of attention to student achievement and weak economic conditions or excessive can cause a decline in learning achievement of children (Hamalik, 2001: 194). Therefore, many students who cannot fully concentrate on learning because of school and family environments that do not support that greatly affect student learning outcomes, a sense of lazy will appear and cause performance to decline. Another factor that affects the failure to learn is the...
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