Reasons Us Joined Ww1

Topics: World War I, World War II, RMS Lusitania Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Three Reasons Why America Joined the War
There are many impacting reasons as to why America decided to disregard their neutrality in World War One and fight. Three specific reasons being: the sinking of the British cruise ship “The Lusitania” by German U-boats, the Zimmerman telegram from Mexico, and propaganda persuading American citizens to join in the war or to remain resisting. Not one specific event caused America to give up their neutral state, but multiple ones pushing them over the edge left with only one option, which was to fight.

The sinking of the British cruise ship, “The Lusitania” by German U-boats not only was carrying British but carrying Americans as well. The Lusitania sunk rapidly and was lost until 1993. The loss of the Lusitania provoked great atrocity in America, which left some pondering if going to war was an option. The mood of the public opinion in America was wrestled, which would later allow them to join the war. The sinking of the Lusitania also marked the end of civilized warfare, afterwards there was no holding back and nothing was too cruel to try.

The Zimmerman telegram is one of the reasons that American joined World War One. Germany wanted to take out America before they had the chance to start fighting. Mexico was promised the piece of America’s land that was once theirs, by Germany, if they would attack America if they heard they were going to join the war, even if it was a rumor. When America found out about the telegram they had no option but to fight, they were too piqued to remain neutral and allow Germany to step on their toes any longer.

Propaganda was a huge part in America joining the war. Artists portrayed the enemy just as the government wanted them to. Papers were censored and Americans did not know the full story. They saw propaganda persuading them to volunteer to fight and support the war. If it was not for propaganda America would not have had the army they had, and the people supporting them back...
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