Reasons students drop out of college - Cause and effect

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Reasons students drop out of college

Why do students drop out of college? Coping with responsibilities can turn single’s life into a hectic and even unbearable experience. There are several reasons why students drop out of college because of the following reasons: they can’t afford tuition fees, they prefer to work, and they fail the course. Firstly, students decide to drop out of college is they don’t have enough money for tuition fees. As college tuition fees are high in most of the private college’s, students find themselves unable to keep up with the rising costs. Scholarships are not always available to the student and financial situations can change from year to year. Once you become a student, you need money for the tuition fees and books, so a lot of students cannot afford it. For example, there are families where the parents are divorced, so one parent has to face all the expenses. They are often unable to fund their education due to low income. If a student does not receive financial aid from their parents, they cannot afford the cost of higher education, so students drop out of college. Moreover, some students find that the money they earn while working becomes a goal. Although these students are good in their education, they want to work and earn money for their living. It is always difficult to do two things simultaneously. They may think, “What’s the use of studies when I am earning money?” From that point, they pay a very little attention towards studies and give more importance to their job. For example, they don’t attend classes; instead they go and work for money resulting into bad grades. These students are likely to quit college due to the stress of maintaining full-time employment and keeping up with their academic assignments. Finally, sometimes some courses seemed insuperably difficult to some students. Hard demanding schedule, challenging courses turn away students desire to continue. Some students choose their majors and learn...
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