Reasons People Quit There Jobs

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Reasons people quit there jobs
There are a lot of reasons that people quit their jobs. In this paper I was going to touch on the top 10. Most of the reasons that I came across on different web sites had something to do with problems with management. That is the reason that I'm going to narrow it down to just three. I got these three reasons from my boss at work and some of his colleagues. When I discussed these reasons with some of my co-workers they all agreed with the reasons. Problems with management

The first reason is how you get along with your boss or manager. There are many Things that can drive a wedge in your relationship with management. Some managers have people doing the job of two or more people, keeping employees at work longer away from friends and family. Also if there is a falling out with management it makes it nearly impossible to work with them. Poor Communication is another big factor, if employees bare kept out of the loop it can alienate employees and make them feel under valued. When people are not recognized for you accomplishments it also makes them feel under valued. In some situations management will grab credit for the subordinate's accomplishments. Often managers will show favoritism and give some workers special treatment. At a company I worked there were a group of guys that played football together on Saturdays. One of them was promoted to upper management. Shortly afterwards they all got positions in management and they all became the highest paid managers in the company. Moving away

The second reason is simply that people move away. Some move to go to school or just to be closer to family. In a lot of cases when people move they don't have the opportunity to transfer to another office within the company. Or the distance would be too great to warrant a commute to work and back. Money

The third reason is money. If rumors spread about the company downsizing or demoting employees to cut costs, employees are more apt to find...

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