Reasons for Telework and Telecommuting in the 21st Century

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Reasons for Telework and Telecommuting in the 21st CenturyNathaniel H. Greenwood Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Reasons for Telework and Telecommuting in the 21st Century
This paper will begin with a general discussion of three conceptual themes related to telework and telecommuting. This will be followed by an analysis of the relevant literature and will conclude with a suggestion for how telework and telecommuting can be best implemented. Introduction

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, recently raised debate amongst Americans with respect to telework, when she banned employees from teleworking, requiring them to work in the offices or lose their jobs because she believed Yahoo! employees needed to collaborate and connect by working side-by-side. This came as a surprise in an age when today’s technologies enable employees to work from anywhere at any time. Corporations are increasingly embracing telecommuting / telework as a means of reducing costs, increasing productivity and promoting a better work/life balance for employees. Today’s technology enables employees in virtually any office role to collaborate just as effectively as if they were physically present with colleagues. Telework can also provide work continuity during adverse weather conditions, travel delays or natural disasters. The flexibility to work from a location that is most effective at a particular time increases innovation and creativity and has even been found to be an even better incentive than higher pay. Telework also saves a tremendous amount of otherwise valuable time previously associated with commuting between home and office every day. For the same reason, carbon emissions are drastically reduced (Pistorio, 2013). Employers benefit from telework / telecommuting for a variety of reasons as well. Telework frees employers from geographic restrictions in hiring talented and experienced candidates. Telework also saves employers a tremendous amount in...

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