Reasons for preventative measures being taken

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Reasons for preventative measures being taken

One reason is to improve health and well-being as all screening methods are designed to pick up disease in its early stages when it is still treatable. Immunisation is a preventative tool which has successfully prevented the deaths of many people.

If people are encouraged to use preventative measures then many lives could be saved. The saving to the NHS would be enormous and the public may not develop life threatening conditions. Professionals, too have an increasing understand of environmental factors which can cause ill-health. These factors may include services such as waste management, water supply, sanitation, affordable housing, pollution, energy sources, access to health and social care services and access to leisure and recreation facilities. Professionals may also need to work hard at helping individuals to increase their own skills to be able to take control of their own health. The empowerment model of health promotion would help with this issue.

Doctors for example, would take preventative measures to help the individual that he/she is dealing with. If the patient isn’t getting better then it looks bad on the doctor as he isn’t doing everything he can to ensure the patient is getting better. An example of this would be for a patient to stop smoking. If a patient is a heavy smoker and he has lung problems, then the doctor could introduce him to the smoking programme that he has enabled and then it is in the patient’s hands whether or not he goes. Then the doctor has done everything he can to try to get the patient to stop smoking.

Community nurses may take preventative measures, to improve the lives of others. For example, when the nurse goes out to a young mother’s house then they are taking in a responsibility of the young mum and her baby. The nurse will try their best to help them out and do what they can to ensure they are coping. Therefore this preventative measure is taken in order to ensure

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