Reasons for going back to school

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Darryl Vick
J. Davis
Eng. 090. 4202
24 October 2012
Reasons for Going Back to School
There are several reasons for going back to school. I would like to further my education. Job layoffs is another reason for going back to school. I would also like to earn my degree in computer engineering. I would like to advance in my career skills. My objective would be to do different things. I would like to make a decent salary and have added job security. Being able to provide more for my family would be an added plus. I like searching for better job skills. This would give me a sense of peace. Owning my own business is my ultimate goal. I know that with a good quality education, it will help me get the start I need. I would like to go back to school to improve the quality of my life, advance my career, and to make an adequate amount of money.

Education will allow me to advance in all areas in life. It also will allow me to interact with people on the same level of interest. This is a good way of networking. With so many jobs being sent to different places in the world, you have to seek a more better solution to fix the problem. The unemployment rate is 7.8% and growing higher each and every day. I want to learn more about the field of computer engineering, I am interesting in learning everything I can to advance in the industry. I would like to learn more about the new operating system Windows 8, that is now upgraded. I would also like to earn my associates degree within the next year. I plan to travel to different places to connect with other people in the computer industry to learn more about educating myself for all the operating systems that are available today. I plan to further my education to a four year university, I have become more and more interested in the educational field to exercise my mind. I want education to help me advance in math studies, reading, writing, computers, input, output, science, philosophy, religion and social networking. I also...
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