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Topics: Voter turnout, Voting Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Samuel Hopkins from UCSD article, “The Reasoning Voter”, reflects upon the use of media in the world of politics. Hopkins introduces the argument of whether the use of media in politics is more helpful towards a campaign or an easier way to give the people what they want to hear without the long speeches and future promises. We try to find a balance between giving the facts and finding a true fit for certain political position while involving the people and giving us an idea of what is to come.

I agree with Samuel Hopkins that the media has turned a political campaign into a popularity contest. I feel like the people are losing interest in a politicians true intentions towards what he/she wants to achieve. The decline of rallies and visiting supporters to help increase voter turnout is decreasing. As Hopkins says in this article, speeches have turned into sound bites and there is a lost of interest in the main idea of what the speaker says. Instead, the media focuses on certain aspects of his/her speech and portrays that as the speakers idea. The people are losing connection to who they are voting for and I think this is why voter turnout is decreasing. I would rather have a politician try and make a connection between communities through rallies or visits to show and prove that he/she keeps their word. It gives me more of a stability and reliance that I can put my trust into this politician.

If more people become involved in PTA’s, churches, etc. ideas and plans will be more known. Everything revolves around the media and electronics these days and its hard to make a connection to people in this time of age. I think trying to make the connection is better than following the way the media portrays the image of a politician. We are all human and no one is perfect. We are looking for someone that is a link to the people not the supposed “perfect” match.
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