Reasoning for Animal Extinction: a Zoo Essay

Topics: Extinction, Evolution, Habitat fragmentation Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Zoo Essay

Reasoning for animal extinction

There are many reasons for animal extinction in the wild, here are some of them: Some animals due to adaptive radiation can become more effective in hunting and reproducing which increases their chance of survival and their ammount of offspring which means the other animals become more prone to decline in numbers.

However, there are reasons for animal extinction as a result of human action:

Habitat Destruction – Animal Habitats are often destroyed in construction of homes, roads etc. Tree's (deforestation), ponds and other types of habitats are removed in order to make room for this type of construction. Pollution – Pollution and climate change have seen a lot of animals become endangered. Acid rain has caused many marine animals to become extinct due to the change in pH of their habitat. Melting ice caps due to changes in C02 levels has resulted in many animals in the north/south pole become extinct. Hunting/Fishing – Many animals have become endagered due to excessive human hunting of the animals for their fur, meat, bones etc.

Why are the species of the Philippine Islands endangered?

The species of the Philippine islands have become endangered due to mass deforestation. The majority of the forestry in the Philippines has now been lost, eliminating habitats for species present there. There are also low population numbers of species in islands due to a limited geographic range and animals are limited to a small space so potential for finding better land for a habitat is very small.

Are there any endangered British species?

Yes, the European otter is endangered due to habitat destruction and pollution. `Also, the door mouse has become endangered because of destruction of woodland habitat.

The Giraffe and the Okapi

The giraffe and the Okapi are both examples of Adaptive Radiation. They both have a common ancestor but both have very different sized necks. A mutation has cause...
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