Reasoning Aptitude

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Activity Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Reasoning Aptitude: The Reasons

The reasoning aptitude career plan building activity identified the term “focused”. The focused profile determined compatibility with careers involving practical skills. These careers involve critical thinking to foresee and solve practical problems. It is probable to be attracted to practical jobs and careers. The results portrait my individual thinking style as focused and direct. My thinking style is goal-oriented. Allowing oneself to create goals, helps keep focus on the task at hand. Setting goals provides the convenience of measuring results over a length of time. Understand aptitude, competencies, and work culture preferences helps to understand teamwork. Aptitude unveils a unique personal ability that one can share with their respective team. Knowing personal skills combined with team mates provides a clear understanding of team dynamics. Competencies help to identify team roles and strong points. Work culture preferences help to understand the best work environment to achieve team personal and team success. According to the career building activities plan there is significant room for improvement under cooperation. As an independent thinking person, who strongly relies on himself to complete tasks it is possible to forget about team cooperation. It is possible to become more engaged in communication with team members. After engaging with the career plan building activities a variety of different results were discovered. The aptitude portion of the activities explained my individual thinking style to be focused. Knowing and understand person competencies and preferences identify how teamwork is fulfilled. Adjustments can be made to improve team work style by demonstrating better communication techniques with team members.
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