Reason Within the Bounds of Religion

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Wolterstorff focuses on the need of exploring ad finding out the position of some religious doctrines which formed a vital part of the background beliefs of medieval scholars set back the progress of science, it is equally correct that some doctrines, scientific in nature have performed more or less the same deed. He acknowledges that though Christians scholars are free to adhere to the religious doctrines, this should not enclosed their minds, but rather they should keep an open minds to see the truth since some doctrines are have poor basis and are sometimes false.

God, he says is simple and cannot know things apart from himself and he cannot also be familiar with suffering because he does not experience anything else Him being Him alone. He although has the knowledge of all things in the world hence he exists and knows when a person suffers or not. He acknowledges that God’s existence is not distinct from God’s essence and He also has no property distinct from God’s essence. He does not have a nature because He is the nature.

Wolterstoff beliefs that God exists because he is eternal and no human being could refer to hime or even perform temporal act with respect to him. If God existed and if he was eternal, human beings could not predicate of him that He is indeed eternal for this act of predication is temporal. If we claim and predicate that God is eternal and that He exists, then he is not eternal. God again as Wolterstoff points out that God cannot be redeeming without Him being changing in His variations of His states, any being that changes from one state to another is a being whose states there is temporal succession. God the redeemer cannot be eternal God but He exists to be able to redeem.

He views Christian faith as somewhat rigid as he points out of the Christian scholars who are so adherent to their doctrines. Christian scholars try...

References: Nicholas W (1984). Reason within the Bounds of Religion. Eerdmans Publishing Company
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