Reason Teenagers Commit Suicide

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Teenage Suicide

Each and every year teenagers take their own lives. Some reasons that teenagers commit suicide, or contemplate committing suicide are family stress, issues with school, and problems with relationships among friends, peers, and love.

Firstly, a reason for a teenager to commit suicide is complications with family life at home. The teenager’s parents may fight a lot causing the teen to feel that the fight is because of something that they did. If parents become divorced it can be very hard on a teen; they may think the divorce is their fault, or that they did something wrong to cause their parents to do so. When parents become divorced it can also be hard on a teen because the parents may want the teen to choose between parents. It is also hard to not seeing both of your parents at the same time like it was before. During a divorce parents often ask the teen to lie to the other parent, this causes the teen to feel bad for holding information from the other parent (Adolescent Suicide). Another issue that could happen with family life that could cause conflict is, the family could add a new family member that needs a lot of attention, such as a baby or an elderly person. This could cause the teen to feel that they are non wanted, unloved, neglected, forgotten, or abandoned. The may feel that since their parents are not paying as much attention to them, that their parents do not love them as much as their parents love the new member to the family. Some parents are very busy with things, such as, their job, and can not spend time home, or with their teen. If a teen needs help with a problem and their parent is gone all of the time, it can also cause the teen to feel like their parents do not want to help them, if this happens often the teen will feel that the parent never helps them at all. This can also cause the teen to feel that they are not needed, wanted, or loved. When the teen is left alone often, they can also feel like their parents do not care about them at all. A lot of the time when there are family events some members of the family can be left out. If this happens to a teen they may feel that the family is trying to push them away, abandon them, or that the family dislikes them. If parents are very successful that can put high expectations on their teens. This can cause the teen to feel that they are worthless when they do not meet the expectations that are set by their parents, this can be very stressful, and overwhelming. Parents could also be very abusive, purposely or on accident. Parents could be mentally abusing their teen or physically abusing their teen, once again, it may be happening without the parent actually knowing what they are doing is hurting their teen. A simple thing as just goofing around and calling each others names as a joke could hurt the teen. Saying the wrong name may damage the teen for a long time. If the name is used constantly as a joke it will hurt more and more each time it is used. Also playfully wrestling or other kinds of physical thing could hurt the teen. The teen will not always say it hurts them when it does, especially boys with their fathers. Most boys do not want to seem weak around their fathers. This is how family can cause complications for a teenager who is suicidal.

Nextly, another reason for teenage suicide is caused by school. Some teenagers have bad grades. This may not seem like it could cause something, but if a teenager has bad grade they may feel dumb, pathetic, and worthless. Some kids stress over their grades. If they normally have good grades they may worry and stress over getting a grade lower then there standards, for themselves, of their teachers, or of their parents. If the teachers at school, one or more, is not helpful it could cause the teen to feel that they cannot succeed, causing them to feel trapped. Some students are not able to understand a concept, whether it is Math, English, or Science, if a teen cannot understand...
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