Reason for Being Late to School

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Poor organization is the most common reason for lateness. People wait until the last minute, and then do not allow themselves enough time to travel. In order to be on time for school and work, you should figure out how much time it takes you to travel from your house to your school or job - add ten to fifteen minutes to that number - this gives you a little bit of leeway in case traffic is bad or there is an obstruction like a wreck or a railroad train. Have your things organized so that you do not spend a lot of time hunting all over the house for clothes, books, keys, etc. Learn how long it normally takes you to get dressed and ready to leave - again, give yourself an extra ten minutes just in case! - it is better to be ready early and have time to stop for a drink than to be ten minutes late. Set your alarm and get up when it sounds - don't get into the habit of "just another five minutes" because it will just make you late. If you are still tired when you wake up, then you need to start going to bed earlier - teens and children need ten to twelve hours of sleep every day; adults need six to eight hours to be completely rested. If you spend a bit of time planning ahead, you can be on time every day.

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 Lack of good organizational skills
 Lack of passion for what one wants to do (career goal)  Lack of discipline (or maturity)
 Lack of good study habits
 Peer pressure
 Procrastination
 Dissatisfied with college or university environment
 Other issues beyond a students control

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Being in school almost a decade now, there were times that being late for classes really put me into trouble. From being the star of the teacher’s morning sermon, to being subjected to downright public ridicule, the ‘accused’ in school-parent meetings, being school janitor for a day even up to the point of being thrown out of class. Let’s face it. All students at some point in their life as being students would have that day in which you’d be the last one to enter the class, half-way into the discussion or worst, an exam. Why do we become late? Below are some of the classical reasons… Traffic – for the commuting students, traffic is a constant threat and killer to that perfect attendance. You have to wake up late, usually before anyone else in your family, battling the sandman and the lure of that oh-so good and soft bed of yours just to get up and get ready for school for you have one heck of a journey a head – literally. No school bus for the Pinoy student, except for those who are enrolled in the private schools which is weird really because in other countries it is the public schools that have this buses, but the general picture is if you don’t have a car or any other means of private transport, you’ll be at the mercy of the morning traffic rush. So mastery of the local traffic scheme and trends en route to school is a must. No uniform – for those who are required to wear uniforms at school, not having a clean and pressed set is one of the biggest upsets and tragedies that could really ruin your morning and the rest of your day. In a desperate move, you resurrect one from the basket of ye-old-smelly-and-dirty uniforms, do some quick cosmetic fixes, iron-press the darn thing and pray to all the saints and even your ancestors that no one in school especially your friends and special ones that you’re wearing the same uniform you wore yesterday or from Monday. The bathroom is occupied – So you have your uniform all pressed and perky for the day ahead. You’ve waken up quite early with plenty of time to spare in case you get caught in the morning traffic. You make your way to the bathroom, grab the doorknob turn it open but it wouldn’t. All you hear is someone singing some videoke song from the inside and good...
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