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Re-Entry Action Plan
The HRODF adopts the Re-entry Action Planning process of the PAHRDF, to ensure that all learning gained by the awardees from the Australia Awards –Development Awards (AA-DA) are significantly applied to a strategic partner organisation(s). It is a proactive process that facilitates discussions and agreements between the awardees and their mentors on the focus and strategy of the REAP to ensure that the plan will contribute to the change agenda of a targeted sector or industry.

The Re-Entry Action Planning promotes commitment building from both the open targeted awardees and the mentors to address the identified development concern of their sector/industry. This means that the development of the plan requires iterative consultation during its preparation.

Name of Sector/Industry
Name of Awardee

Degree Program Applied For/Degree Program Granted


(Describe current situation in terms of problems, challenges or opportunities in the targeted sector/industry that the REAP is expected to contribute to)AttributesMy REAP
Statement must show current problem, gap or opportunity for enhancement at the capacity level; •May refer to lack of systems, processes or mechanisms in performing a task

Workplace Development Objectives (WDO)

Development Impact

(Describe how these improvements will impact the targeted sector/industry. What benefit/s to external clients do you expect to see as a result of these improvements?) Statement must capture benefits to external clients •Statement must refer to specific clientele;

May refer to improvements in access to service, level of participation of targeted clients, level of satisfaction etc.;


(What relevant knowledge, skills and behavior) is the awardee expected to develop/enhance through his/her scholarship?)Statement must show improvements in relevant knowledge, skills •Statement must show the subject of improvement...
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