Realm Of Realm-Personal Narrative

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My best friend Alison had recently taken up horseback riding. Her mom, Carla, offered to take me to see Alison during one of her lessons on the weekend. I had never seen her ride the horses before, so I was pretty excited to go.
I remember telling Alison I wouldn't ride any of the horses beforehand because I was scared of what could happen. Despite me telling her this, Carla and Alison both encouraged me to ride a horse. "Nothing bad will happen", they said. "It will be fine", they said. Man, I bet they both felt bad afterwards for telling me that.
About forty-five minutes into Alison's lesson her instructor and Carla came over to talk to me. They both asked me I if was interested in riding the horse around with Alison for a few minutes. I was extremely hesitant to ride the horse. If not for Alison coming over and convincing
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Alison was so excited to be showing me all the technical stuff to riding that she practically pulled me up onto the horse. Alison sat behind me and I sat in the front so I could hold on better.
The horse had been walking at a decent pace, and everything was fine so far. We had done a few laps around the room, and I was fine with the basic stuff... until it came to trotting. If you aren't aware of what trotting is, it's like jogging for a horse. So, here Alison and I are on this horse trotting around the room when the horse gets spooked and does a jump to the side.
At this point Alison and I had both flew off the horse and people were racing to get to us. Alison landed on her back and got the wind knocked out of her; whereas I landed flat on my face and couldn't move. It felt as though my head had just got slammed into a large brick. Not only was Alison not able to breath, but on the opposite side of the horse my face is squished into the dirt floor and I'm crying in

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