Realize Importance of Healthy Eating

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Though there seems to be little time for a well planned diet, health does not have to suffer. Simple changes can be easy and worthwhile.

I have a good friend who looks at eating as a chore. He will often rationalize not eating or chose to eat light snacks for his total daily consumption. There are many reasons why he says this is right for him; sometimes he claims not to be hungry while others he admits not wanting to get fat. Whatever his reasons, the decisions my friend makes regarding personal nutrition could return some ill effects later in his life. In fact, according to a number of health studies, this practice though common is bad. Often people use excuses to rationalize omitting a healthy diet. One of my friends most often used excuses, “There is really no time to eat, and even less time to eat something healthy…” is an argument shared by many who work, attend school and raise families. I have witnessed firsthand the ups and downs of following poor eating habits similar to my friend. Though I have not lost nor gained weight dramatically, other aspects of my well-being like my energy level and attention span were affected. When healthy eating was removed (or eating at all) I would have to spend more time on a project or task. My energy and retention level diminished to the point where I began making simple mistakes that a more alert person would have avoided. Later when I did eat, it was just to satisfy the hunger. I did not spend much time caring what I put in my body. Over time, I gained a little unwanted weight because my body was storing fat. After time, the body becomes afraid I would continue to starve myself, so to compensate, it began storing fat to use at critical energy and body fuel loss. Stubborn fat (or fat the body just wants to store) seems to me like the hardest to work off. Point blank, methods choosing not to eat in a healthy manner because of the lack of time can cost even more time and energy in the long run. I would like to open the thought that once we figure out what healthy eating means personally then we can plan accordingly and see how the choice will better benefit and enhance our lifestyle! This is not meant to be a guide to how to eat healthy but rather look into options and suggestions to incorporate healthier eating practices in one’s life.

I.What is health and how does proper eating affect us?

It has been said many times and many different ways that good eating habits equal better health. This can be translated many ways depending on which source the information comes from. For most, healthily means being slim and fit, while to others, it means being able to be active and enjoy long life. It is understandable how being slim and fit can affect the amount of activity one can achieve. That being true, it is also fact that healthy people who are not fit and trim can achieve long amounts of stamina or exert large lasting amounts of energy. While that argument is open to interpretation, some may argue that mental health is the greatest benefactor to a healthy diet.

No matter which side of the fence one may sit, it is true that eating healthy is an important part of life. Helpguide (2008), a website dedicated to nutrition and health suggest that, “By committing to eating better, you can reduce your risk of many chronic diseases – including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and certain cancers – while increasing your energy and stamina.” No matter which of the three ideas of healthiness one follows, any of them could be at higher risk if the chance for chronic diseases were increased because of the lack of nutritional health.

The reality of healthy eating does not simple stop at food. There are many websites and studies dedicated to healthy eating and nutritional health. Much of the information offered agrees that a healthy diet fits hand in-hand with a healthy physical activity. A report given by Harvard University (2008) reports, “Next to not smoking, getting regular...

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