Reality vs. Technology

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Reality and Technology
Technology plays an important role in the present society, as technology advances the separation from fact and fiction has become much harder to recognize. A person takes much pride when they are in control of their life, the thought that we could possibly be living in a virtual universe were someone else is in control is a scary idea. Being able to break free whatever we are controlled by, and being able to experience the real world and not just the illusion is a great experience. The film the Matrix gives us an idea of how it would be to live in this simulated reality or cyberspace, and how life would be when you are not in control of your own body. Neo, the main character in the film “the Matrix” begins to learn that the life he has been living is not the true reality he thought it was. Correspondingly, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave discusses how a person can be trapped their whole life in a cave and only know what they have been shown, but as soon as that person takes a step out into the real world they begin to learn how life really is rather than what they were told to believe. Technology has been a very useful invention that has taken control of our everyday lives. The Matrix and the Allegory of the cave both tell us very similar stories about how ones life can easily be controlled by technology, and in each story, this is shown by receiving cryptic messages online and staying within ones comfort zone.

Many people over the years have been restricted to believe what they have been told; there have been many factors that have played into this and mainly it is technology. Since technology has been increasing rapidly, majority of the people today have been influenced whether it is through advertisement, television shows, Internet, or even radio broadcasting. In the Allegory of the cave humans are shown as being controlled and lead to believe what they are told. The people are considered prisoners. Plato writes that “Behold! Human...

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