Reality vs. Gossip

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Reality vs. Gossip
Using news channels or juicy gossip for an update about some celebrity is overly used by the media, frequently. New reporters take advantage if their careers and rudely butt into other people’s lives based on their social status because reporters need a reason to keep the viewers of their broadcast interested in their channel feed. It needs to be more about important things like the weather or if something catastrophic has or is happening. That is what E! News, a channel dedicated to entertainment is put on television for. It is for the gossip that is not as important or pertains a single life changing movement in a person’s life other than those who are mildly interested in someone’s lives other than their own. I do not constantly want to receive or hear an update on the infamous Justin Bieber and his drug use or whatever exciting moment that is happening with the crazy Kardashians. However, the magazine reporters and the newspaper journalists feel as if the stories of people with a celebrity status quo is worthy talking about. I am not saying that what they sometimes do does not pertain to the world, just sometimes their actions can be a great inspiration to those who look up to them as movie actors or singers. For example, a story about Selena Gomez and her trip into rehab, but had nothing to do with actual drugs. That is great that she was not on drugs, but I did not really want to know that and I am sure most people, besides her fans, do not care. I want to know about the weather and if it is going to be hot or cold and what is happening in the world instead I inherit the useless “news.” There are some reports that are worthy of my time, but not all of it are something that is interesting enough and that is the medias fault because they are the ones that are supposed to make their stories worth watching and wanting to know more about. They are too busy getting the unwanted facts and thinking more about their ratings. The whole process...

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