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Reality Tv

By justinc Apr 28, 2006 947 Words
A State Of Mind: Reality TV

Is Reality TV good for us? This may be a question a person might ask themselves if they were one of the millions people who checked in with Joe Millionaire in the fall of 2003 on Fox. "Why Reality TV Is Good For Us", this article was written by James Poniewozik in TIME magazine in 2003. Poniewozik goes to talk about how reality TV is good for all of us, "that viewers can empathize with Tony Soprano without wanting to be him" (Poniewozik 471). Wrong, most people look at TV and dream someday of becoming these fictional characters that we perceive as good and bad. TV viewers are being lead astray, "When a Reality TV show depicts bad behavior, it's immoral, misanthropic, sexiest, or sick" by attracting viewers to a point were their interested in how far TV will go. In experience as a viewer of reality TV shows I have noticed some disturbing things. For example: American Idol showed a rather over weight woman bend over and smack her hind side while she sang terribly. These are the types of bad behavior that we depict and say it's ok to be like. Any knowledgeable person would look at this scenario and see that there is something wrong with the content we portray to society. That is, how people should act and should propagate. Yet Poniewozik says, "Embarrassment, these shows demonstrate, is survivable, even ignorable, and ignoring embarrassment is a skill we all could use"(Poniewozik 471). Poniewozik believes everybody across the world could use public humiliation to teach us a lesson. However, this so called skill of ignoring embarrassment is what makes us stay tuned into the networks, people are laughing at them not with them. When reality TV first got its start there was a show that I viewed which I thought was a beginning to end. Reality TV shows even depict immoral acts as a joke to bring entertainment, like Joe Millionaire. They bring an average construction worker out of society make him a fake millionaire and see how many women will line up to marry him. Then reveal Joe's secret at the end of the show to his future wife. This is what captivates audiences: we should marry for money and fame, not for love. However, the divorce rate has risen 700% in the last century. Poniewozik states that," No reality show can match the intelligence and layers of well- constructed fiction"(Poniewozik 470), yet Hollywood has managed to do just that, bring fiction to life through reality TV shows. Producers have brought out these immoral acts of sex and violence on shows like Real World and Road Rules, which millions of youth watch everyday on TV and expect the youth to not look up to them. Are youth today is captivated by hours and hours of these shows depicting sexual connotations and immoral acts, and we still question the columbine incidents. . Misanthropic is characterized by hatred or doubtful ridicule for human kind; this is a word that Poniewozik uses to describe Reality TV. This is an "American story of ambition and desperation and shrinking options, and it left the judgment to use. That's unsettling. That's heartbreaking. And the reality is, that's good TV". One could only ask if this is really how reality is or are we driving it to make it that way. TV has become the role model for are youth and adults mentoring to it. Yet what else is on TV but Reality TV shows themselves. As the millions of viewers try to sign up for dating games like Elimdate, were one guy or girl picks from four men or women, which one is suited best for them as they do what ever it takes to get their man or woman. Most of the time a person can see these shows showing girls making nasty remarks to each other like "chunky, chunk" and "donut rolls" is what one of the girls told the other. These are the remarks that our kids tend to repeat next time they go to school and the thought of were the true antagonist comes from is unfolded. The best of reality TV comes at a price of sexes. There are tons of shows depicting Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals on dating shows and sitcoms, like Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. These shows drive more and more thoughts through viewer's heads to question their own sexuality. The reality is that some of these shows drive us to make it okay for men and women to be attracted to the same sex but most of us are brought up on the fact that it is wrong and immoral, but yet reality TV shows teach the opposite. There should be apoint when our public knows it is not okay on the outside but also know when we're letting in the monster and it is yet to prevail. In the truth of it all reality TV is a controlling stimulant that we find self interest in. T.V. viewers are being lead astray, "when a Reality TV show depicts bad behavior, it's immoral, misanthropic, sexiest, or sick" by attracting viewers to a point were their interested in how far will it really go. TV producers are pushing production to the edge by putting anything and everything we think is wrong and their proving to us that they have control of TV. To viewers out there "Is Reality TV Good For Us"! you be the judge of that.

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