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By golfer2222 Apr 23, 2013 733 Words
Brent Sneller
College Prep. English
Table 1
Period 1
Mrs. Wiersma
Descriptive Essay Assignment
Reality, are you in reality, or is life just a dream? Is everything around you false, or is it all real pure things? These are two of the questions that run through my mind when thinking about reality, I guess it is a bias decision if you look at it in a way that not everyone else looks at it.

The definition is that, reality is the true knowing that God created everything in a way that it may be pure, true, real, and to give no false appearances, to cease life and see that everything exists. There are many definitions behind the word “reality”, it gives you one of the deepest thoughts that can cross the human mind. Does this mean that there are things with false appearances? Yes, of course there is, but in a way that only you can discover yourself. Whether it is a false appearance on a bottle of Vitamin water by having a slogan that is not true at all, or if it a MacBook computer that says it will last forever and dies after a week. Then again you need to keep in mind that just because there are things with false appearances doesn’t mean that there are things that aren’t part of reality. Anything that you can find using your own senses is said to be part of reality.

When I see reality, I see future, and people judging each other. There a plenty of other reasons for this, the first reason I see future, is because I am only 18 years old. Reality is getting a job and to get a family with a wife and house, well at this age anyways. When I arrive to the age of 50 or 60 I will be looking to the reality of getting put into my retirement stages. The future I have is from now until I die, which is a big book of my life that I have to write. Also I see people judging each other till the end of time. No matter how hard any human try’s there is always going to be fighting and no peace. I say this because as long as everyone in the world has some sort of different thought, religion, or belief there will always be conflict in the world today, Which in the world today is just another part of life and reality that everyone will have to accept.

The fact of perception is the biggest reason, the ability to see, hear, and become able to notice that something is happening around you through your senses. The world is full of physical objects that we can identify through perception. There are millions of questions that make us wonder if we are actually seeing reality. An example of that would be since flies have nearly 1000 eyes, do they see the world differently than us humans do? Having 1000 eyes makes their reaction time faster, and are we living in slow motion? I guess that’s a personal opinion, but I say that we are living life as fast as we make it. The reason I say that, is if you want to see what reality is, maybe to you it’s just a computer. Dreaming is an entire new subject of trying to find out what reality is. Dreaming is your brain taking past thoughts, creating a story to keep yourself asleep. As soon as you wake up, your brain tells yourself that the day before is done and you need to prepare yourself for the next day. Also it has to do with if someone else is bothering you, or something that happened between you in that other person. So part of dreaming is actually reality, because all of your dreams come from an experience, or from a person that you have seen in reality. I know that for sure we are reality, and we make it whatever we want. There are decisions we make every day of the week that decides our reality, and or future. If you think reality is life your completely right, but other would beg to differ. Life is what we are, who we are, what we do, none of it is a dream. Life is what we make it and that is your reality.

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