real time image processing applied to traffic queue

Topics: Algorithm, Road traffic control, Computer vision Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Mathuri Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College, Nadergul, Hyderabad-5000097

This paper primarily aims at the new technique of image processing used to solve problems associated with the real-time road traffic control systems. There is a growing demand for road traffic data of all kinds increasing congestion problems and problems associated with existing detectors spawned an interest in such new vehicle detection technologies. But the systems have difficulties with congestion, shadows and lighting transitions. Problem concerning any practical image processing application to road traffic is the fact that real world images are to be processed in real time. Various algorithms, mainly based on back ground techniques, have been developed for the purposes since background based algorithms are very sensitive to ambient lightning approach using edge detection techniques was developed for detecting vehicles under these trouble-posing conditions.

This paper will give a general overview of the image processing technique used in analysis of video images, problems associated with it, methods of vehicle detection and tracking, preprocessing techniques and the paper also presents the real time image processing technique used to measure traffic queue parameters.

INTRODUCTION: Traffic management is becoming one of the most important issues of in rapidly growing cities. Due to bad traffic management, a lot of man-hours are being wasted. Increasing congestion on highways and problems associated with existing detectors has generated an interest in vehicle detection technologies such as video image processing. Regarding these problems, developing a adaptive system which can help in better traffic management using the technique of image processing is a necessity. The suggested feature-based tracking system will detect vehicles...
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