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Topics: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, World Wide Web, Sensor, Web server, Navi Mumbai / Pages: 10 (2419 words) / Published: Mar 16th, 2014
International Journal of Computer Science and Network (IJCSN)
Volume 1, Issue 3, June 2012 ISSN 2277-5420

On Line Real Time Health Monitoring of ICU Patients using


Mrs. Rajashri Patil , 2Prof.Balaji Hogade

Electronics Department, Datta Meghe College Of Engg ,
Airoli , Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra 400708, India

Department of Electronics, Terna Engg College,
Nerul, Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra , 400708 , India

Care of critically ill patient requires prompt & accurate decisions so that life-protecting & lifesaving therapy can be properly applied. Because of these requirements, ICUs have become widely established in hospitals. Difficulty found in most hospitals is that Expert has to frequently visit the patient & asses his/her condition by measuring different parameters.
These systems works when there is any emergency by using different wireless technologies. This paper is mainly based on continuous monitoring aspect of ICU patients.
I have designed, developed a reliable, energy efficient patient monitoring system. It is able to send parameters of patient in real time. It enables the doctors to monitor patients parameters
(temp, heart beat , ECG) in real time using http protocol The timely manner of conveying real time monitored parameter to doctor is given highest priority. Hence On line Real time Health monitoring is becoming popular for the ICU patients.

Keywords: Sensors, ARM7 microprocessor, GSM /GPRS
UART modem, HTTP protocol

1. Introduction
1.1. Problem definition:
Currently there are number of health monitoring systems available for the ICU patients. All these systems works mainly when there is any emergency occurs. It means information is transmitted to server mainly when there is any abnormality occurs. But main problem with these systems is that it is not capable of transmitting data continuously also range limitations of different wireless technologies used in the systems

References: University of Technology, Den Dolech 2, 5612 AZ, Eindhoven Netherlands,Sidarto Bambang Oetomo1,2, Loe Feijs1 [9]Remote patient monitoring –An implementation in ICU ward, 2011 Intenational conference on information and network G...Hogade member of LIC committee in 2006,2007,2008,2010. Also worked as Cap co-coordinator UOM for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011.He

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