Real Men

Topics: Family, Man, 1995 singles Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 30, 2006
What does it mean to be a ¡°real man?¡± Some people believe that a real man is someone who is big and strong, does not cry, and is always working hard. That may be true on the surface, however there is much more to a man than many think. The articles focused on what a real ¡°macho¡± man was like in Santo Domingo, Mexico and a tribe known as the Bari. Steer yourself away from what you think I real macho man is because these men are the perfect examples.

In the first reading about the Bari people a man is someone who provides for his family. They believe in secondary fathers, meaning that more than one man will care for the children. Men take care of their families and provide them with whatever they need to survive. Like the rest of us, however, the men of the community tend to get a little jealous when the women speak of the secondary fathers (typical of any man). Compassion for ones family is what will highlight a real man; someone who goes out of his way in order for his loved ones to be safe and happy.

In Santo Domingo, things are somewhat different. The men in Santo Domingo take a slightly different role than many would think. Granted they do have jobs and work hard to make ends meat, but so do the women. Many of the women in Mexico are beginning to take on full time jobs in order to pull in more money. The problem with this is that household chores still need to be completed. More men are now finding themselves washing dishes, or playing with the children after work. The labor that needs to get done is still done mostly by the males, but being in the kitchen is something new. The real men in Santo Domingo are the ones who ¡°take care of their business.¡± Their business is striving to be the best father, husband, and supporter for their families. With the ideas that macho men are the ones who get in fights and work with their hands all day these men in the articles may seem kind of ¡°soft.¡± That is by no means the...
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