Real Estate Management System

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Real estate is a term used to describe land, including all natural attributes as well as man-made improvements of a permanent nature placed on the land thereon such as buildings. A real estate agency is a firm whose work is to bring together a buyer and seller or even landlord and tenant. The property being exchanged in this case refers to apartments, houses, office space etc. Details availed to clients include size of the property, location, available services, cost and payment plans if any etc. Setim Real Estate Management is an agency located at Westland. It currently uses a manual data entry system as well as manual processing of data. This involves handling volumes of documents stored in different cabinets. The documents contain information from owners of houses of houses for sale or rent. The process begins with, all the information of the apartment property is put onto the database and when a suitable client comes to the firm he is provided with the details of the property. If the client likes the property, the agency marks the property as booked for rent and this is reflected in the database.

Problem statement
In Setim Real Estate Agency the managers are responsible for the appraisal process in various operations such as recording new property details, new buyer details and also new seller details. The appraisal process is done manually by supervisors or mangers filling out forms on the work performance of certain employees whereby the forms mostly in paper and in a few cases in Microsoft Word. On conducting the appraisal exercise the information or forms are filed and put in cabinets for safe keeping. Problems arise whereby access to the files is compromised in some cases through vandalism, or where updates to such information is necessary another form must be filled. Moreover files may easily get lost and damaged such as .through fire leaving no backup of information. It is also difficult for managers to search stored information on files and do comparisons of performance of employees as it is hard to locate information e.g. spanning six years on appraisal or performance of an employee. Redundant copies of inaccurate information of employees due to inconsistent updates to appraisal information may be common. In addition since the process relies heavily on supervisors the appraisal process may be inaccurate due to bias and favoritism on the part of supervisors towards staff as they are not completely scrutinized by managers. There is need to develop a more improved system that can be able to improve these problems.

Reduces time required in entering, updating, searching or any other form of processing of data. This is because computers have a higher processing speed than that of human beings working manually. 1. Reduces time required in entering, updating, searching or any other form of processing of data. This is because computers have a higher processing speed than that of human beings working manually 2. Economic usage of space by removal of cabinets’ stores. This is achievable since computers take less space than cabinets, yet they can store a larger amount of data. 3. Reduces human errors and inconsistency in the data by having validation and consolidation of data. Computers have a higher accuracy than that of a man. Also having all data concerning property in one place increased consistency of the details since updating one file effects the changes in other files. 4. Increases security of the data. This is done by denying access to unauthorized users by use of different user’s access and passwords. 5. Increases portability of information.

6. Having multiple copies of data, which ensures that data stored, is not lost and therefore increases availability of the data. Also availing details of property over the internet increases its availability to the clients who can access data from almost anywhere. 7. Reduce labor force required and hence...

References: 1. David I. Schneider, Essentials of visual basic 6.0 programming, New Jersey, Prentice Hall, 1999
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