Reagan Revolution Through President Obama

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Iraq War Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: November 9, 2012
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‘Reagan Revolution through President Obama”
Prof. Jahangir Salehi
Alesia Cleveland
maitland campus

Will the Obama Revolution advance America’s interest Washington, March 1, 2012-Thomas Jefferson once observed, “Every generation disserves a new revolution.” Depleted in war and facing economic collapse, America embraced Barrack Obama as a vanguard of the revolutionary hope in 2008. Where candidate Obama had a thin substantive record to assert the claim for highest elective office in 2008, Obama has laid down numerous markers since January 2009 that deserve and should get close scrutiny through Election Day. Turning Points in History

Turning points in history can mean that changes in the ways things are done in the past, sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. Two notable turning points in history were the Industrial Revolution and also World War I. These both had some political and social impacts. The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change and increased efficiency. No more would be goods be produced by individual means of farming and agriculture, but now by the use of machinery and factories. Technology was beginning to increase along with the food supply as well as the population. However, this increase in population would be a greatly impact the social appearance of that time. Urbanization was becoming much more widespread. Cities were becoming overwhelming crowed and there was an increase in disease as well as severe child labor. Although child labor would be reduced somewhat due to unions, the Industrial Revolution still controlled both its posture and negative results. World War I was another turning point in history. The turning point consisted in the way war fought and how it has changed due in the advances in technology that took place during this time in the 1900s. War was triggered in the Balkans were the Ottoman Empire had once maintained control industrialization and...

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