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Reading Comprehension 1: “A Cold Day”

It is a frigid January day in York, Pennsylvania.
The temperature is below freezing. Snow is starting to fall. Dr. James turns on the television to check the weather.
He must leave for his work at the hospital soon.
“Today is going to be very cold,” says the TV weatherman. “Be sure to wear very warm clothes when you go outside. Also, be careful driving on the roads. Snowfall will make them slippery. In fact, if you can stay home today, do it!” Dr. James cannot stay home. Very sick people are waiting to see him at the hospital. He goes to his closet. He takes out the warmest clothes he has. He puts on a sweater, jacket, gloves, socks, boots, and a hat. He opens his front door to go to work. A gust of cold air blows inside. “Wow, it is very cold outside,” Dr. James says. He is from Miami and is not used to the cold. “The weatherman was right!” Before he can drive to work, Dr. James must clear the snow off his car. He does this very fast. He hops in the car. He shivers. His neck feels especially cold. Dr. James drives slowly to work. Everyone else is driving slowly, too. There is a lot of traffic on the road. There are cars in front of and behind him. Suddenly, the cars in front of Dr. James come to a stop. There has been an accident! Dr. James hurries from his car to check on the driver of the car that has swerved off the road. “Is everyone okay?” Dr. James asks. “Yes, yes, we are fine. We slipped on a patch of ice,” the driver says. “This would have been a good day to stay home in bed.

1) If the weather is frigid, it is very
A. cold
B. rainy
C. windy
D. slippery

2) In what city does this story take place?
A. Florida
B. Miami
C. Pennsylvania
D. York

3) Dr. James doesn’t stay home because
A. There are sick people waiting for him.
B. He listens to the weatherman.
C. He has to clear snow off his car.
D. He must help the people in the accident.

4) What could Dr. James have put on his neck to keep it warm? A. gloves
B. a scarf
C. another hat
D. a jacket

5) What does Dr. James do before he leaves for work?
I. He dresses warmly.II. He checks the weather on TV. III. He clears snow from his car. A. I only
B. I and II
C. II and III
D. I, II, and III

6) Given what is said in the story, what is probably true about Miami? A. It is a warm place.
B. It is a rainy place.
C. It is a windy place.
D. People drive slowly there.

7) How are people driving today?
A. badly
B. slowly
C. very fast
D. like they do not care

8) As described in the beginning of the story, what does it mean if the roads are slippery? A. The roads are full of cars.
B. The roads are easy to slide on.
C. The roads are very long and curvy.
D. The roads lead to a place with lots of snow.

9) Why does Dr. James clear the snow off his car quickly?
A. because he is very cold
B. because he is late for work
C. because he knows his patients are waiting
D. because he knows he will have to drive slowly

10) There is a lot of traffic on the road. How can we rewrite this sentence? A. There is a lot of snow on the road.
B. There are a lot of cars on the road.
C. There are a lot of accidents on the road.
D. There are a lot of people walking on the road.

11) Do you like the weather where you live? Why or why not?
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reading Comprehension 2: “Late”

Martin is in a hurry.
He is late to work again.
Martin's boss doesn't like it when he is late. Martin was late last week. His boss told him not to be late again. He really wasn’t joking either. He was serious. “I mean...
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