Reading Response to the Maltese Falcon

Topics: Dashiell Hammett, Sam Spade, The Maltese Falcon Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: December 20, 2013
Reading Response to the Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett.





The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, is a novel about Detective Sam Spade who is unknowingly lured into finding a seemingly valuable artwork called the Maltese Falcon. Along with is partner Miles Archer, Sam Spade is tricked by Miss Wonderly into tracking a Floyd Thursby who according to her initial story at the beginning was running off with her younger sister. Spade and Archer accepted the job apparently because they felt the pay was good and that they could earn more if they executed the job properly. However, event that unfolded immediately afterwards made it obvious that detective Spade had gotten himself into a serious criminal case. First was the death of his partner Miles Archer, then the allegation by Lieutenant Dundy and Tom Polhaus that Spade is a prime suspect in the murder of his partner. In his bid to find out what happened to his partner and to clear himself of allegations of murder, detective Spade finds out the truth about Miss Wonderly whose actual name was Brigid O'Shaughnessy and her connection to Floyd Thursby who was not running away with Brigid's sister, but was her acquaintance who had betrayed her and perhaps had in his possession a prized Object -the Maltese Falcon. Eventually, Spade is able to obtain the Maltese Falcon and why it was so important. Also, Spade is able to discover the reasons for which his partner was murdered, as well as the party responsible for the murder crime which turned out to be Brigid O'Shaughnessy.

The Maltese Falcon turned out to be and interesting read for me, the direct style and the fact that it was not too lengthy made it a bit easy to finish it within a short time. I discovered that Dashiell Hammett himself was once worked as an operative for the famed Pinkerton National Detective Agency (Marling, n.d.). This could explain his in passion for hard-boiled detective fiction novels....

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