Reading Response: 2 B or Not 2 B

Topics: Text messaging, Writing, The Reader Pages: 4 (547 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Objective Reading Response

In the reading ‘2b or not 2b’’, there are figurative devices that can be identified as used

by the author. Metaphor; the metaphors found in the passage is used to make a compare the text

messages to’ bleak, bald sad shorthand, Drab shrink talk.’ The comparison continues ‘Texting is

penmanship for illiterates’. Another comparisons without the use of the terms ‘as’ or ‘like’ with

unlike things that in this case seems to have similar characteristics, was made when reference

was being made of the level of the usage of text message spelling compared to that of standard

orthography used in everyday life ‘… no more than a few ripples on the sea of language’ was the

comparison made.

The figurative device personification can also be identified, the persons who engaged in

texting or ‘vandals’ were said to be destroying our language ‘pillaging our punctuation, savaging

our sentences, raping our vocabulary…’ The inanimate words were being treated as they had been

endowed with human qualities. The ability to be pillaged, savaged and raped was now given to them.

The statement ‘People seemed to have swallowed whole the stories…’ lends to the device

hyperbole the scenario shows that the persons referred to were accepting the ‘stories’ just as they

were without questioning this was being exaggerated to the point where the persons were said

to ‘swallow’ the information. The statement can also said to be personified, as the stories were now

given the ability to be swallowed.

The device allegory was identified, reference was made to ‘Anglo-Saxon scribes’ The

Anglo-Saxon’s were a population of persons who lived in England and had their particular living

practices along with writing styles etc. The scribes were alluded to when author spoke of the use of

abbreviations in texting and how far back the use of abbreviations can be seen.

The author uses imagery to allow the reader...
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