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Topics: Violence, Hugh Padgham, Writing Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Reading Response 2: 38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call Police
I think the article was written in order to highlight the level of ignorance that had crept into society especially towards violence, perhaps in wake of the recent increase of violent imagery on television. I feel it was intended to act as an eye-opener for the readers which shows them how such shameless acts of laziness can claim lives. The tone that Gansberg uses throughout the article is one that is slightly aggressive especially when describing the actions of the neighbors who failed to alert the police. By doing this Gansberg aims to spark some dislike in the audience’s minds for the actions of the neighbors and witnesses. Appeals to the police are also used in the article so as to give it a sense of authority and this is done by often quoting the police including the Assistant Chief Inspector. The article also includes a detailed reconstruction of the crime and I feel this is done to create an image of a scared, shocked and eventually dying woman in the minds of the readers further fueling their dislike towards the attitudes shown by the neighbors and drawing their attention towards the horror and severity of the incident. An example of this is when the writer incorporates phrases such as “I’m dying!” and “Oh my God, he stabbed me!” which highlights the dreadfulness of the incident. In addition to this Gansberg carefully chooses certain adjectives and verbs to describe the happenings and these include: Shrieked, solemn and sheepishly which once again point out to the audience the horrible end that the lady met. Furthermore, it also shows the feeble reaction of the neighbors as well as the defeated mindset of the police who were unable to help without being tipped off. By incorporating these techniques the writer aims to leave a lasting impact on the audience and make them understand his feeling of disgust towards the events. I feel the effect would have a slightly reduced impact today because of the...
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