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Topics: Prison, Malcolm X, Alex Haley Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Shabak Bolling
Mrs. Barnes
“Prison Studies” By: Malcolm X
In my response to the reading of “Prison Studies” Malcolm X was basically an heroic man who took a lot of time out while he was in jail to educate himself and build his vocabulary. Malcolm did this everyday as his penmanship improved so did his knowledge. What I was really impressed about Malcolm was that hes studied the whole dictionary. A lot of people can’t do that . As an author, Malcolm or course made it possible not only for an African-American male to overcome but for anyone. In the story I agree with the author Alex Haley in what she wrote about Malcom. In the whole interview Alex had with Malcom. Malcolm tells him his life story while he was in his last years of his life. Malcolm is the main person of the whole story and interview. As he tells Alex the story he speaks in first-person, focusing on his action and thoughts at each point of his life. However, in each chapter he does include some opinons based on his current perspective late in his life. At this point this makes him a very open man and also this will make him good as an Islam. While I was reading the story a quote came out to me in chapter 3 , “America needs to understand Islam, because this is one religion that erares from its society the race problem”. What that means to me is that Malcolm has continued faith in Islam as a potential source of change in America , but also reveals the difference between his experience of Middle Eastern Islam and the form of Islam he was practiced in the United States. From reading and breakingdown the things Malcolm X went through it simply says that our prison system today is really stricted and to come to think of it the prisoners don’t have to pay bills or anything so they are also living the life but with other people in a bad place. My agrument with me agreeing with this is because while you’re serving your time you can find yourself and become a better from within...
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