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Q1. What in your understanding is ''Theory of Architecture''? Theory of architecture is a theoretical and scientific criticism lsocoei lrleihac o xe cocohlooolohrra ro s co toolocsaiho aoas design. It is useful oashohahr ocotorlaot ocrr rro;olouato the design process. Architecture has always played a central political role in ordering human interaction in the public domain. The aim of architecture was to communicate the character that buildings could evoke human sensation responding to the mind and move the soul.

As stated, a theory of architecture resides in any notion of what a building ought to be like; the form of a building, its members, and the procedure followed to arrive at the design are all pre-supposes a theory of design.

The theory of architecture considers the whole sphere of architecture as a study matter and has applications in the fields belonging both to the practice and to knowledge. These are architectural experience and architectural output (designing).

The theory enables us to understand the architectural experience, our perceptions in the lived architecture. The theory gives a conceptual base to the architectural research, pointing out its problems and putting its results in order; without coherent theoretical basis. A person standing on the sidelines who articulates an opinion is necessarily taking a theoretical position. So it is, then, that architectural theory is both the property and the concern of all who build and all who evaluate buildings, either as observers or as users. The working boundaries of architectural theory have been more tightly defined through formal treatises, written by a variety of interested professionals and laymen. Theorists from Vitruvius on have asserted that an effectual architect needs to be equipped with a fluent knowledge of theory as well as practice.

They also mentioned that
 Knowledge of theory alone results in weak to fulfill a building project  Knowledge of practice alone limits one to the skills...
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