Reading Module #2

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Reading #1: Harmless Dietary Supplements or Dangerous Drugs?

The famous baseball player, Mark McGwire, hit 70 home runs during the 1998 baseball season. But many people wondered if his success was the result of taking two supplements. He was taking a steroid called “andro” and a compound called creatine. Creatine is a compound found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates.

According to the Dietary Supplement and Health Act of 1994, they are both considered dietary supplements, not drugs. Supplements can be sold over the counter to anyone. Drugs can not.

The steroid, andro, can temporarily increase one’s testosterone levels. However, there is no proof that it improves athletic performance. Creatine can temporarily improve a person’s physical performance, but not by much.

The use of these supplements is banned in baseball, in the Olympics, and in football. They were not banned in baseball when Mark McGwire was taking them.

[Adapted from McWhorter, Active Reading Skills, 2005, p. 101]

Inference Clues
1. State the meaning of the word supplements by using inference clues.

2. What words or phrases helped you to understand the meaning of the word supplements? steroid called “andro” and a compound called creatine

Structural Analysis
1. State the meaning of the word performance by using structural clues.

2. Explain how each word part helped you to define the word performance.

Definition Clue
1.State the definition of the word creatine by using the definition clue.

1.Copy the context sentence in which the definition of creatine appears.

Inference Clues
1.State the meaning of the word vertebrates by using inference clues.

2. What words, phrases, or prior knowledge that you have helped you to understand the meaning of the word vertebrates?

Dictionary Skills
Testosterone: There are no context clues for this word, so use the dictionary. 1. What background knowledge do you...
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