Reading Lolita in Tehran

Topics: Reading Lolita in Tehran, Literature, Novel Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: July 31, 2010
Reading Lolita in Tehran

1. Explain the Blind Censor. How does Nafisi use the Blind Censor to help express what she and her girls hope to do when they meet at her house every week? The book informs the reader that the Blind censor was "the chief film censor in Iran up until 1994" and before that, " he was the censor for a theater and he would sit in the theater wearing thick glasses that seemed to hide more than they revealed." We were also told that he had an assistant who sat by him who would explain the action onstage, and he would dictate the parts that needed to be cut. In 1994, this censor became head of a new television channel where he perfected his methods and demanded that the scriptwriters give him their scripts on audiotape; they were forbidden to make them attractive or dramatize them in any way. He then made his judgments about the scripts based on the tapes. The censor comes from the word censorship which means the deletion of material that may be harmful which is determined by the censor. The blind censor believed literary works were symbols of Western decadence and imperialist tendencies, which was believed to be a part of the plan to bring down their culture. By coming to Nafisi's class every week, her home was like a shield guarding themselves against the blind censor to read some famous literary works. The girls discovered that they were all like Lolita: Trying to escape and create freedom for themselves. When they meet at Nafisi's house every week they discover true appearances of other girls. They realized that its normal for other girls to have different opinions about how they should live their life open spaces. When they were at Nafisi's class, they were worry free of the demon censor which allowed the girls to feel like they finally know how it feels what a free world is.

2. Why does Sanaz's brother always insist of driving her everywhere?

Sanaz's brother is the youngest child and is spoiled. One of his greatest pleasures in...
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