Reading Log: Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Third Wheel

Topics: English-language films, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Character Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: August 13, 2013
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Name: Christopher Quincey
Title: Diary of A wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel
Author: Jeff Kinney
Text Type: novel
Date when read: 24 January

The book Diary of A wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel would fit into the bingo category of a diary as it is set out like a diary with the different thing that happened in that day.

The reason I read this book is because I have always like the series of diary of a wimpy kid because it feels a though it’s a real 14 year old boy is actual writing in his diary.

The thing I liked about the book the book is the main character best friend isn’t the skinniest person in the world and he get a date with a girl who really likes him and it show that anyone can be different and still get someone who you really like for who you are and the book show that you can be different and it doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you are happy.

A character i found interesting was the main character of the story Greg Heffley. I like his character because he thinks he is perfect at everything he does. He thinks he is good looking, the coolest kid in school. Yet his best friend Rowley who greg thinks he is really childish can get a girlfriend and Greg can't. They are just few of the reason why I like his character.

This text made me feel deeply about being different. This book shows that you don't have to have the best body or be the best looking to get a girlfriend. As Rowley who is the one to get the girlfriend he isn't in the best shape or the best looking its his personality that gets hime the girl.

A interesting quote i found is "The best person I know is Myself" I find this quote interesting as it show that it doesn't matter what people think of you it show just as long as you think you are the best it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about of you and what the say about you
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