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reading log
1. After reading, I wonder…
2. Are the characters realistic (do they seem like they could be read people)? Why or why not?
3. Describe a character that you would like to meet (which doesn’t mean that you think you would like the character, but that you think the character would be interesting). List 4 questions that you would ask.
4. Describe something you have read that is similar to this.
5. Describe the main characters. How do you feel about them personally?
6. Describe the major conflict. What side are you on?
7. Describe an important event. Give at least three reasons why you think it is the most important event.
8. Describe the setting – when and where what you are reading takes place. How would you feel if you were there?
9. Describe the setting’s time and place. Create a new setting that you think would be better for the story and describe it. Explain.
10. Describe what was either believable or unbelievable about your reading. Defend your opinion.
11. Describe the similarities and differences between the main character and you.
12. Describe the theme (central meaning/message) of your reading.
13. Describe your least favorite character and explain why. Describe your most favorite character and explain why.
14. Do any of the characters’ feelings change as you’ve read? Explain why or why not.
15. Do you like what you’re reading? Why or why not?
16. Does the title fit the story? Why or why not?
17. Draw a line down the center of your paper. On the left, write facts from what you read. On the right, write your personal opinions about what you read.
18. Draw a line down the center of your paper. Write a cause (why did it happen?) on the left and its effect (what happened?) on the right. Do this until you have three causes and effects listed.
19. Draw a picture for what you just read. Explain what you drew and why.
20. Draw 4 objects that represent your reading. Write a sentence for each, telling what each item says about what you’ve been reading.
21. Explain how you have been surprised by what you are reading.
22. How did the reading make you feel? Why?
23. How have your feelings changed as you’ve been reading?
24. If the author were here, what would you say and ask him/her?
25. If you could change what you’re reading, how would you change it?
26. If you could talk to the author, what questions would you ask? Why?
27. If you could talk to the author, what would you want to tell them about yourself? Why? How does that relate to what you’ve been reading?
28. If you were a character in this book, who would you be? Why?
29. If you were the author, how would this end? Explain.
30. If you were the author, what would you change? Why?
31. In 4-6 sentences, describe several insights you’ve gained from your reading.
32. Is what you are reading believable? Why or why not?
33. Is the setting described well enough that can put a picture of it in your mind? Why or why not?
34. List at least three problems the characters faced? Which was the most life changing? Explain
35. List the personality characteristics of the main character (feelings, interests, behaviors, etc.). How are these important to the story?
36. List the physical characteristics of the main character (clothing, physical features, etc.)
37. List three new vocabulary words from your reading. What can you tell about them from their structure? What can you tell about them from their context?
38. List three questions you have about what you read. Explain.
39. Predict what will happen next.
40. Pretend what you are reading is nominated for a national award. Explain why you think it should or should not receive an award.
41. Pretend you are a talk show host and two characters are the guests on your show. Which characters would you chose and why? List two questions that you, the host, would ask each character.
42. Pretend you are famous reporter on TV. Write a story about what you’ve read for the evening news.
43. Pretend you are the friend of one of the characters. Write him or her a letter.
44. Pretend you get to create the music soundtrack for what you’ve been reading. What five songs would you include? Write an explanation for each song: why would you include it, how does the song connect to events.
45. Pretend your job is to write magazine ads. Create an ad for what you’ve been reading.
46. Select a quote from your reading that you liked. What made you pick it? How does it make you pause and think?
47. Quote a passage & respond to it. How did it make you feel?
48. Tell me about the main character. What kind of person is he/she?
49. Think of a problem that a character had to face. Write the problem and how the character solved it or is working to solve it. If you were that character, what would you do differently?
50. This connects to my life… This text relates to my life because…
51. What are some things you do when you don’t understand what you’re reading?
52. What are the two most important ideas from what you’ve been reading?
53. What are two emotions the main character has felt? What made the main character feel that way?
54. What character is like you? Describe how is he or she like you?
55. What do you like about what you are reading?
56. What does this book remind you of?
57. What emotions do you feel about your reading? Describe what is going on in the reading that makes you feel that way.
58. What emotions did you feel while you read? Give details from your reading that made you feel that way.
59. What event could have happened in real life? What would be similar in real life? What would be different in real life?
60. What has been the most interesting part of your reading? Why does it interest you?
61. What has happened so far? What do you think will happen next?
62. What have you been reading? What does it remind you of in your own life?
63. What have you found boring about what you’ve been reading? What made it boring? If you were the author, what would you do to make it more interesting?
64. What have you learned about life from what you’re reading?
65. What ideas do you have about what is going to happen? What clues have you read to give you those ideas?
66. What is something you’ve learned from your reading?
67. What is the author trying to tell you about life and the human condition in this story?
68. What is the mood of what you’re reading (happy, sad, funny, serious, etc.)? Defend your idea.
69. What is the title of what you are reading? How does it fit the story? If you don’t know yet how it fits the story, what is your best guess?
70. What is your favorite part of the book you’re reading? Why?
71. What passage describes how you want to live your life? Why?
72. What questions would you like answered about your reading? Would you like the book/article better if you knew those answers now? Why?
73. What special way did the author write (for example, flashbacks, told in first person, multiple voice narrative, foreshadowing, lots descriptive words that create visual images in your mind, etc.)? Did that make reading it better or worse? Explain.
74. What was going through your mind as you read?
75. What you are reading is going to be made into a movie. Create the movie poster.
76. What you are reading is going to be made into a movie. Make a list five characters, what famous actor will play each character and what about the character makes that actor the best choice for the part.
77. What you are reading is going to be made into a movie. You are the movie executive that chooses the location for the filming. Where would you chose and why?
78. Which character do you like best? Why? Which character do you like least? Why?
79. Who are the characters? Describe who they are, what they look like and how they are connected.
80. Who is the author? What do you know about the author? What do you imagine the author must be like? How does the book reflect this?
81. Who is the most important character to you? Why?
82. Who is the most interesting character in the book and why.
83. Why did you choose this to read? Give at least 3 reasons.
84. Would you be friends with the main character? Why or why not? Support w/evidence from your reading.
85. Would you recommend this book to friends? Why or Why not?
86. Write a journal entry as if you were a certain character from your reading.
87. Write a quote from your reading that connects to your life. What did it mean to what you’ve been reading? What did it mean to your life?
88. Write a review of what you just read (summary plus personal opinions).
89. Write a summary of what you just read.
90. Write about a situation a character experiences. Write about a similar situation you experienced.
91. Write about how one character feels. Write about a time you felt that way, too.

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