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Ernst Robert Godward was born in the city of Marylebone, London on the date of the 7th of April 1896. He was the son of Henry Robert Godward and Sarah Ann Pattieson. Ernst did not attend school until he was nine and only stayed in school for three years until he twelve and ran away to sea to get a job in a cabling ship traveling around Northern Asia. But Godward was send home to London by the British Council. Mr. Godward did not go to college but he became a mechanical apprentice for Shand, Mason and Company, the London steam fire-engine makers for three and a half years where he was trained as a mechanic.

Three years later Ernest quit his job and once again headed to the sea, and he became a stewardess on a P & O passenger ship. In 1886 Mr. Godward aboarded the ship “Nelson” and which its destination was Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand. He worked as a photographer in Dunedin and was excellent at sports, mostly at cycling. He soon quit he photography job and joined S.R Stedman’s cycle business and in 1893 he branched out on his own. Three years later at the age of 27, Ernest married Marguerita Florence Celena Treweek and later on had 10 children. Mr. Godward had an energetic mind and he loves to invent, he would look at everyday household objects and thinks of ways to improve them. In 1900’s Ernest invented a egg-beater the could prepare eggs for a sponge cake in three and a half minutes a padded drought protector for doors, new type of hair curlers and even a burglar-proof window. But the inventions that made Ernest Godward famous were both his Spiral Hairpin and his Petrol Economizer.

The Spiral Hairpin
In the 1896, Ernest invented the spiral hairpin because due to his wife. The hairpin that he made was better than the common straight pin because, the spiral hairpin fixed itself to the hair unlike the normal straight pint the needs constant adjustment. Mr. Godward’s hairpin was a success as he sold his invention to an American Hairpin company...
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