Reading Log - ‘the Outsiders’

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Reading Log - ‘The Outsiders’


The story starts off with Ponyboy, the protagonist, getting jumped by a bunch of Socs. Socs is the abbreviation for the Socials, they are the “West-side rich kids.” Harmony is a joke between the two gangs, as differences are common. Unlike the Socs, “Greasers are almost like hoods; we steal things and drive old souped-up cars... and have a gang fight once in a while.” Ponyboy Curtis lives with his two older brothers, Sodapop and Darry. One night, Ponyboy and Johnny (a sixteen year old, who is a friend to all the Greasers) meet two girls from the Socs and get on well, sharing the same thoughts about sunsets and how they wished things were different between the gangs. The two boys then fell asleep in a car park, and went home hours later then they should have. Darry was so angry he slapped him, and Ponyboy ran off taking Johnny with him. Though bad luck persists, and a group of Socs find them out in a park, and attack the two boys. Reacting in self-defence, Johnny accidentally killed one of the Socs, a boy named Bob.

So they run away together, with the help of Dally (a friend), and escape to an old abandoned church, in the countryside. A week later, Ponyboys brothers and some of the gang, come and find them hidden out in the church. A tough decision, but the boys decide to go back, and give themselves in, which would most probably result in death for Johnny, and Ponyboy would probably be put into a home, away from his brothers. But as they all drove back, past the church, after lunch, they see the church, blazing with fire. It turns out there are a whole lot of little school children and hysterical teachers outside the church, after realising that there are students missing, and are inside the flaming building. Risking their lives, Ponyboy and Johnny save the children that were inside, and end up in hospital. Though Ponyboy survived with only a few bruises and minor burns, Johnny is in critical condition....
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