Reading Is Not as Easy as It Looks

Topics: Dyslexia, 2005 singles, Special education Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The clock was ticking. I was waiting anxiously by my front door. I could not wait any longer the suspense was killing me. As I looked at the clock, seconds felt like hours. I thought it would never come. Suddenly, I looked up and the mailman was shuffling up my driveway. Watching him open my mailbox made me overjoyed. I sprinted to my mailbox to look and see if my letter had come. The letter that would tell me who my second grade teacher was had finally arrived. Mrs. Corrigan was the one I prayed to get and there her name was. Jumping with joy, I grabbed my shoes and ran five houses down to my best friend, Kayce’s house. I ran so fast I was gasping for air as I knocked on her front door. As Kayce cheerfully answered, I asked who her teacher was. Kayce told me Mrs. Corrigan. I was so thrilled! I could not wait to share the news with my parents. Monday could not come fast enough. If only I had known what second grade had in store for me.

I walked down the basement stairs of the school, thinking it would be dark and musty. The farther I walked, the more comfortable I was. The walls were painted with warm colors. I could hear teacher voices welcoming their new students into the classroom. The first day of second grade was finally here. I was seven steps away from my classroom. I could see a heavy set, middle-aged woman with short black curly hair, waiting for me. She happily greeted me. “Goodmorning! You must be Hannah! It is wonderful to meet you! Go right ahead into the classroom and look for your nametag!” As I paced around the room looking for my nametag, I spotted Kayce. Kayce waved to me, signaling me to go by her and sure thing my nametag was right across from hers. Mrs. Corrigan walked to the front of the room, with a chuckle she said, “Welcome Class I have a surprise for you! We will be having our first reading test tomorrow.” I could not believe what I was hearing. The rest of the day dragged on from there. On the bus trip home, I could not stop...

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