reading interest and impression toward reading english literature

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Many people think reading is being able to identify the words on a page. We know, however, that reading is more than being able to read the words with fluency. A reader needs to be able to get meaning from print and have the skill to take what is read and connect it to existing knowledge of the topic. Most tool subject teachers whose medium of instruction is English, frequent murmur that only few students able to read with understanding. Most of the students are frustrated readers. Besides, as revealed by the Phil-IRI in 2012, only 20% of the population of the Grade V is in the Instructional and Independent levels. Moreover, as observed, children spend lesser time in reading than they used to during their elementary years.

Studies also revealed that reading is an important gateway to personal development, social, economic, civic life. It even allows one to learn about other people, about history and social studies, the langue arts, science, mathematics, and the other content subjects that must be mastered in school.

But lately, students are more enjoyed over arts and watch movies. New technologies revolutionized the arts by making them available to the masses. Later, cell phones made entertainment available daily.

This growing technicalization of society has brought increasing demands for literacy, which the schools are hard pressed to meet. Some efforts have been made to simplify forms and manuals, but the lack of sufficient reading ability definitely impairs a person's capacity to function in modern Western society (Microsoft Encarta).

This obvious scenario prompted the researcher to investigate the impression of students towards reading, specifically English literature.


According to Clark, C., K. Rumbold (2006), majority of pupils enjoys reading. Both girls and boys loved to read fiction and non-fiction stories. Results from surveys such as the one described above show students who are successful in reading and understanding content are are able to identify important ideas from the reading and summarize those ideas.

Atley (1989) cited that English literature requires students to use specific types of reading skills to comprehend each area. Students need to learn and practice using reading strategies in the context literature they are studying. Moreover, students will be more willing to read when they 3

have mastered the skills they need to understand the assigned reading. For this each students have their own understanding in reading, depending on their field of areas as what they want to read.

He also added that reading can be defined differently by the psychologist, the linguist, and the educator. Each look at it in a slightly different manner. All would probably agree however, that reading has to do with the process of attaching meaning to certain written symbols.

According to Mc Cullough (1996) reading is important for the leisure of less than the work of life. It contributes to personal as well as professional growth. It helps to make one’s life richer and more meaningful. It is a form of experience through which horizons may be widened; the permanent interest may be developed.

The children who began school as precocious readers continue to make progress in reading accuracy, rate and comprehension, thereby maintaining their superior performance relative to the comparison group. However, their progress appeared to follow the same developmental trajectory. Continually it stated that the children who were reading precociously early showed significantly higher levels of phonological awareness than the comparison children. And also showed the same levels of performance on these tasks as a further group of high achieving young adults (Blackwell,2004).

According to Serrano (1996) the reader quickly perceives that he reads. He knows that the whole is more significant than the parts....
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