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First of all I would say thank you to our Almighty God for giving me the wisdom and the knowledge in doing this project.

To my very intelligent, kind, and very patient Instructor, the Area chairman of the Teacher Education Student, Dr Angelita S. Nagun for giving advices to make this successful.

Of course to my supportive and loving Parents, “Mr Danilo C.Cabato Sr and Mrs Violeta M. Cabato who sacrificed and giving their efforts for me especially for financial things.

And to my friends and classmates, cousins, Especially Mr Nesty Esteben, for helping me to do this project and giving me the words of wisdom and encouragement, all of you thank you so much and God Bless.!!


In Partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Bachelor of Elementary Education, this research proposal entitled “LEVEL OF READING HABITS OF THE TEACHER EDUCATION STUDENTS OF PSU URDANETA” has been prepared and submitted by Philip Anthony M. Cabato who hereby recommended for oral examination.

Angelita S. Nagun, Ph. D. Adviser

Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination

Angelita S. Nagun, Ph. D.

Mariluz Segui , Ph. D Ofelia Imatong, MA. ED Member Member

Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education.

CRISTITA C. DULOS, Ph.D. Zenaida U Suyat, Ph.D. Area Chairman, College of Teacher Education Campus Executive Director




Francis Bacon’s off quoted observation that “reading make the man full” was made almost five Centuries ago, but still rings true today in an age of wireless communication and computer technology. Educators have expounded on the significance of reading in enhancing individual development and Cultural awareness.

Whether pursued us as a pastime or as a means of furthering one’ education, for both reading keep us aware of what is going around us. It enforces us of what took place in the past affords us glimpses of what will happen in the future. The world of one who reads in necessarily wider than that of the other who does not. It is on the forgoing premise that the literate populace, especially the youths, are argued to devote more in readings broaden their mental horizon increase their awareness of the environment, and be abreast of the chances in modern society

Reading is a very important issue which is not only about enjoyment but a necessity: basic tool of education (Makotsi, 2005). The impact of reading in people lives is extraordinary widespread. A reader can learn new skills, can become a more knowledgeable person of the whole world, and he can be stimulated to both thought and emotion.

One should read books and other materials to acquire knowledge. If the reading habits is not inculcated among the student community, the school of knowledge will go in vain. The hour is come for the student community to rise up and read books. So it is found necessary to study about the reading habit to the student especially to the TEACHER EDUCATION STUDENTS OF PSU URDANETA CAMPUS, URDANETA CITY PANGASINAN.

The TEACHER EDUCATION STUDENTS OF PSU URDANETA CAMPUS, URDANETA CITY PANGASINAN are now having a problem as regards to their reading habit. As the researcher observed, many of the TEACHER EDUCATION STUDENTS OF PSU URDANETA, URDANETA CITY CAMPUS are reading only when they are told to do so and when examination or quizzes are coming. This study...

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