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Reading Books Is Better Than Watching Tv

Feb 18, 2012 708 Words
Reading books is better than watching TV
The appearance of book is thousands of years earlier than the invention of TV. And they didn’t disappear these years show they’re both valuable and they have their own advantages. However, I think reading books is better than watching TV in most ways. Firstly, reading books is alternative. Especially when you are studying on an exact subject, you can choose books which are exactly about your subject. That means you can get quite a lot of useful and exhaustive information easily in no time. Sometimes the internet can’t even do that. When you want to read a book for relaxing, you can choose the book which you’re interested in. Furthermore, if you have a book, you could read it again and again, until you fully understand or enjoy it. In addition, you can mark the important points you think to make it more logical or add some notes beside it to retain the inspiration the book brings to you. However, TV doesn’t enable you to do such meaningful things. You can’t choose what you watch. And once you find a piece of useful detail fortunately, if you don’t remember or understand it, there’s no second chance for you to watch it again. Secondly, books are easy to carry. You only need light and air, and books can be read anywhere. Reading books in trains, buses or any leisure time is always the best choice for both relaxing and during away time. Actually you get spiritual nutrition as well. Spiritual nutrition is as important as physical nutrition. If you don’t get spiritual nutrition, you’re only a body without a spirit. Your time is also easier to manage, since every second can be used to read books. No time will be waste any more. With the appearance of electrical books nowadays, the advantages of books are enlarging further. They are much lighter. Carrying a large amount of books is also a small case. And most importantly, they’re good for your eyes. What’s more, reading books can enrich our general knowledge and broaden our vocabulary. Books are a form of the beauty of words. Many new and fascinating words will be encountered you while you’re reading. Your writing skills will be improved unconsciously, and the same with the accumulation of knowledge. The more the read, the more intelligent you will be. Gorky said, books are the stepping stones to human progress. However, in most of the interesting TV programs, they use informal language. Besides, wherever you read a book, whenever you read a book, its contents won’t change with the time or place, just like I can read English books in China. So collecting books is not only a hobby, you’re building your own information bank at the same time. You can reread your favorite books at home or get reliable information quickly. And that’s also why every country, every city, every community, every school has a library. The power of books is inconceivable. I believe most people hate the advertisements on TV. Moreover, they always appear before or during the climax of a program. And attractive TV programs always broadcast a part of it every week. So if you, unfortunately, miss a part of it, it’s really a pity. Books treat us more fairly. There are no ads, no waiting, and you won’t miss any parts of it. Many people said the greatness of TV is that it has images and sounds. I agree with that. However, on the other hand, the images and sounds may also lock our opinion and imagination. Words always left us endless fancy. Every reader has their own character, just like there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. It’s quite wonderful, isn’t it? In conclusion, books are perfectly suitable for both study and entertainment since it has selectivity, portability , stability, literariness and renewability. And they’re also the shortcomings of TV. So reading books is better than watching TV in most ways, and that’s why books’ status is unfailing in human civilisation. Enjoy swimming in the ocean of books from now on!

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