Reading Assignment

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Business Ethics
Reading Assignment
If It’s Legal, It’s Ethical…Right?
Bruce Weinstien, PhD

Weinstein, B(2007, October 15) If It’s Legal, It’s Ethical…Right?. BUSINESSWEEK.COM. Retrieved September 19, 2008 from

This article talks about if it is the camera crew’s responsibility to allow a woman to drive drunk.

In dealing with being filmed, the producer who filmed my family let us know that he was just there to film and that his opinion would not be spoken. I think this is important because the producer really has no authority or say in the life of the individual who is being filmed. •Personally, I think it is hard to choose between allowing an individual to put themselves or others at risk, I would’ve asked the person if they needed to get a cab, but if the individual chooses to drive, there would be nothing that I could do about it. It is really a tough call.

The Trouble With Business Ethics
Pallavi Gogoi

Gogoi, P(2007, June 22) The Trouble With Business Ethics. BUSINESSWEEK.COM. Retrieved September 25,2008 from

This article talks about whistle-blowing after a new employee ethics training session.

The company involved was Wal-Mart and an employee reported her superior for possible insider trading. In return her name was released to her superior and she can no longer work in that department. Her superior was proven innocent of insider trading, and the employee was from then on looked at by all as doing something wrong. I think that it was very unethical for her identity to be released. If anything her identity should have been kept confidential. In situations like these no identity is needed when it comes into play with the other party involved.

Are B-Schools Hiding the Cheaters?
Alison Damast

Damast,A.(2007, June 20) Are B-Schools Hiding the...
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