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Work Cited

Bellow, Saul. "Hidden within Technology's Empire, a Republic of Letters." Readings for

writers. Eds. Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell and Anthony C. Wrinkler. 14th edition.

Boston: Cengage, 2013. 12-17. Print.

"Atomized Culture"

Studies show that Americans are reading less and less these days due to our

advanced technologies. I think Terry Teachout knew what our future was becoming in the

21st century. Reading is extremely important for our education and future. I also believe

that if you don't read you lose your imagination.

Today's society everyone is always either watching the television, on

the computer, or on their latest addition cell phone. Technology is definitely making

reading more and more obsolete. Its easier for a person to just hop on the web and lookup

any information they need rather than reading a book. Just like Terry Teachout says, he

speaks of our "atomized culture," and his is a responsible, up-to-date and carefully

considered opinion. He speaks of "art forms as technologies." He tells us that movies will

soon be "downloadable"­­ that is, transferable from one computer to the memory of another

device and predicts that films will soon be marketed like books. Terry Teachouts'

prediction was right on point. You can do exactly that, download movies on to CDs, or

just save it to your computer and even watch the movie on your computer.

This day in age, children are forced to read rather than wanting to read. Children

would rather play video games or watch television or go on the internet for Facebook,

Twitter, etc. The only time children read is if they're assigned to a book and is tested on

that book in school. Reading is so important for your education. A student who is a

good reader is more likely to do well in school and pass exams than a student who is a

weak reader. Educational researchers have found a strong correlation between

reading and vocabulary knowledge. Students who have a large vocabulary are usually

good readers. Students who have high vocabulary are usually good readers which

means they are set for academic success. I do not agree with Oswald's theory in the

early 30's to young children. He believed that they should avoid literature and the arts

and to embrace mechanization and become engineers. I believe that literature has such

an importance to our education, and these days you have to have an education to be

successful. Unlike back in the day it was easier and known to get a job trimming

bushes or painting a fences, or working in a factory.

Teachout supports his argument how the volume of book sales and the great

increase of movie attendance. "For Americans' under the age of 30, film has replaced

the novel as the dominant mode of artistic expression." Americans are lazier than ever

and rather go see the movie rather than picking up a book and reading it and use their

imagination. I feel that sometimes movies ruin my imagination about the book. Well,

of course, with reading you can visualize the scenes, the plot, the characters, you can

twist it to fit both the description in the book and what you want it to be. You can also

make up the voices for characters which can be fun. However, with watching

a movie all you can imagine and see is what is going on the screen.

Reading is becoming less and less popular because of all our new advanced

technologies. Even though its made it easier for people to read with having kindles

and gadgets like that. You can store tons of books onto one tablet. I just think of

society is forgetting the fact of a good paper novel. Reading is extremely important

for exercising your brain and education. Reading nourishes your mind. Reading gives

you both information and knowledge. You eat to keep your body fit and working,

right? Then reading is food for your...

Cited: Boston: Cengage, 2013. 12-17. Print.
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